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Herbal Rainforest  can be part of your healthy detox plan.  There is no argument, that today’s environment of increased pollution from chemical, toxic emission and the breakdown of our ozone creates extra problems for us.

We need to provide total nutrition to our bodies everyday according to Senate Doc. 264. We can not count on the 4 basic food groups to supply us adequately for these nutritional needs. Majestic Earth Herbal Rainforest is a step in the right direction. Each Bottle contains full strength Majestic Earth Plant Derived Minerals along with 16 herbs to balance your everyday needs, along with various nutrients .

Herbal Rainforest is Youngevity’s  answer to botanical balance; a liquid concentrate of  Majestic Earth Plant Derived Minerals™ with an assortment of 16 time-tested popular herbs. Majestic Earth Herbal Rainforest is a step in the right direction. Each bottle of H e r b a l Rainforest is loaded with Majestic Earth® Plant Derived Minerals™, along with 16 herbs to balance your everyday needs. Do your body a favor and give it added support with Herbal Rainforest™. It has a pleasant tasting fruit flavor and you can drink it right from the bottle or mix it with your favorite fruit or vegetable juice.

This all natural anti-aging supplement unleashes the power of herbs and minerals. Easy to take, liquid concentrate of full strength, 100% plant derived minerals with a mango taste.

Majestic Earth Rainforest contains a full measure (19,000 mg / liter) of 77 Plant Derived Colloidal Minerals in addition to a full range of herbs .

A fantastic blood cleanser, liver cleanser and colon cleanser.  you might even add some of this to your detox juice recipe, add a bit to your green detox smoothie or make it part of your vegan detox diet.

HERBAL RAINFOREST- natural detox herbs: 

ALFALFA – The plant with the deepest roots, often extending 20 to 40 feet deep, is known as the King of herbs, due to its high protein content. It also provides the highest source of natural beta carotene as well as a wide variety of minerals.

ANGELICA ROOT – This plant was considered holy by many cultures. Angelica was used by priests and medicine men of many cultures to give them special strength. It provides a rich source of vitamin E, B-12 and Calcium.

CASCARA SAGRADA – Native Americans believed Cascara bark was sacred and named it The Great Herb. After storing the harvested bark for at least a year, the ground it into a fine powder from which they brewed a health beverage. It assists the bowels.

CELERY SEED – Celery has been used by herbalists, both ancient and modern as soother of the nerves. It contributes vitamins A, the B-Complex, C and iron.

CHAMOMILE FLOWERS – For many ancient cultures, the chamomile was an honored plant with a flower that was considered sacred. This is one of the oldest of herbs, known for its soothing effect on body and rejuvenating effect upon mind. Chamomile provides calcium, magnesium iron, and trace minerals.

DANDELION ROOT – This herb is included for its wealth of subtle nutrients. Ancient peoples have been able to subsist completely from the dandelion when adverse weather conditions destroyed many of their other crops.

ECHINACEA – For hundreds of years medicine men, shamans and the like have used Echinacea for its ability to assist the body in fighting off various illnesses. Used for the strength it imparts to the immune system, Echinacea was frequently a part of the ancient herbalists protocols.

GINKGO BILOBA – As with many old time remedies, ginkgo Biloba is receiving increased attention from modern health care practitioners and researchers. The ginkgo tree is possibly the oldest living tree species. Estimates place it at over 200 million years old. Individual trees may live as long as 1000 years. An extract of this remarkable tree, ginkgo Biloba supports the body in a variety of ways by enhancing intracellular energy production as well as a potent free radical scavenger. It has been used throughout time as a mental performance enhancer.

GOLDEN SEAL – Golden Seal Root is one of the oldest, most time tested herbs, having been used by both ancient and modern herbalists. This herb has been honored for its effect in preventing infections as well as being soothing to the stomach and intestines.

HOREHOUND ROOT – A member of the mint family, horehound has been extensively used as a mucus membrane soother. Imparting a delightful flavor to many foods, horehound provides a variety of nutrients such as zinc, iron, potassium, vitamins A, C, E, the B-Complex as well as valuable fatty acids.

LICORICE ROOT – Licorice is cultivated all over the world today. Its pleasing taste and ability to soothe the nerves made its use spread to every major civilization in recorded history. The Chinese popularized the use of this herb for its effect on stress. It contains vitamin E, biotin, niacin, pantothenic acid choline, manganese and other trace elements.

PASSION FLOWERS – The passion flower has its origin in the rain forests of South America. From there it spread northward and by the early 1600’s when Spain first visited the “new world”, North American Indians were using the herb on a regular basis. Spaniards took the plants back to Europe and there it was used for its calming effect upon the body.

SARSAPARILLA ROOT – Used by native Indians from many cultures, Sarsaparilla became popular for its invigorating qualities, producing “inner strength”. Sarsaparilla is rich in vitamin C, pyridoxine, calcium, iron and trace elements.

A detox wonder!