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Slender FX™ Keto Caramel™ Weight Management Bars are not only delicious, filling and satisfying, but they also deliver the energy and essential nutrients you need to sail through your low-carb diet with maximum comfort. Whether yours is a low-carb or reduced-carb diet, the greatest challenge is to find the enjoyable foods that fill you up, give you energy and taste great, without the carbs that can ruin your diet. These delicious bars will help replenish the nutrients your body needs in order to stay energized and healthy through the metabolic changes of low-carb dieting. Each box includes 10 Bars.
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Slender FX™ Keto Caramel™ Weight Management Shake supplies revitalizing energy in the form of high-quality, low-carb nutrition perfect for use with low-carb diets, or virtually any weight loss regimen. Slender FX™ Keto Caramel™ Weight Management Shake provides the vitamins, minerals, and healthful phytonutrients your body craves for optimal energy production and maintenance of total well-being. Plus, it’s deliciously crafted to with trace mineral-rich sea salts, highlighting sumptuous caramel and creamy vanilla to satisfy your taste buds as well as your nutritional needs.
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Slender FX™ REV™ is a dynamic and innovative fat-burning and metabolizing solution to your weight loss challenges. Weight is not your problem, but FAT is. REV™ helps support your body’s own fat-burning mechanisms, making them more efficient. REV™ can be used every day by every one. Whether you’re looking to stay lean or shed those excess pounds, REV™ up your routine with the safest, most natural, and powerful fat-burner ever! Our Proprietary blend features: Resveratrol, White Kidney Beans, African Mangos and Whole Green Coffee Beans.


Keto Fat Loss

Losing weight properly is all about losing excess stores of energy, which is another way to say fat. Fat must be thought of as a bank of energy units waiting to be used at the appropriate time. When is the appropriate time? It’s either when your body is exerting so much energy for so long that it depletes its carbohydrate stores or your body is void of carbohydrates and therefore fat is the only source of energy to choose. The Ketogenic Diet focuses on the latter, providing no other source of energy for the body to turn to when it’s seeking fuel. The Ketogenic Diet creates the environment where there will be minimal carbohydrate stores in the body. For the most part, the carbohydrate stores will be just enough to provide the energy for a moderate amount of your body’s total energy needs at rest. As your body seeks more fuel beyond rest, it will be forced to break down fat to release greater energy stores for its needs. An immediate and proper fat loss is experienced and the body’s fat to muscle ratio begins to improve.

Continued fat loss is observed because of the “retraining” of the body’s metabolic and energy systems. As the body realizes, through continued minimal and restrictive carbohydrate consumption, that sugar will not be provided to use as energy, it begins to “rewire” its systems for fat breakdown and release. Due to the fact fat is a more physiologically preferred method of energy production and creates the least amount of inflammation and stress, the result is a healthier body.