Dead Doctors Dont Lie

1.  Veterinary health care
2.  America’s longevity (4:28)
3.  Dead doctors don’t lie (8:04)
4.  Age beating conditions (11:47)
5.  Salt & high blood pressure (17:35)
6.  Cholesterol & heart disease (20:53)
7.  Arthritis & osteoporosis (23:14)
8.  Early warning signs (27:46)
9.  Copper & aneurysms (31:28)
10. Athletes (35:25)
11. Calcium (37:34)
12. Essential nutrition (40:41)
13. Joint injuries (45:05)
14. Athletes (46:30)
15. Arthritis (48:59)
16. Bone spurs/osteoporosis (51:27)
17. Cancer (51:58)
18. Diabetes (55:31)
19. Alzheimer’s/cholesterol (57:15)
20. ADD/ADHD (59:42)
21. Pregnancy/birth defects (1:02:27)
22. Asthma/ allergies (1:04:36)
23. Safety of supplements (1:08:24)
24. Fibromyalgia (1:09:36)
25. Infant formulas (1:11:03)

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Dr Wallach: You must give your body all the raw materials it requires to maintain and renew itself in order to achieve healthful maximum potential. But those raw materials so vital to your health can be hard to find. Centuries of mining, farming, irrigation and acid rain have eroded life-giving minerals from our soil. These mineral-deficient soils are then used to grow and cultivate our food. Because of this, our food may be lacking in the essential minerals.

In fact, Dr. Wallach of “Dead Doctors Dont Lie” fame has stated “one sentence has killed more people than all the wars in American history. . . You get all the nutrition you need from the four food groups.”

All Youngevity® products are designed with this principle in mind. Our products are packed with the finest minerals available. Mined from deep within the mountains of Utah, these minerals are harvested and added to create our products. Along with a healthy lifestyle that includes a proper diet and exercise, these products can help you live a fuller life.

When it comes to mineral supplementation, you should use only the finest products available – Youngevity® products! When you go shopping, there are always generic brands and imitations vying for your attention. But when it comes to your health, do not accept any imitations. There are no quick-fixes, no silver bullets, and no shortcuts. The only way you can heal your body is to give it all the raw materials it needs to run stronger, faster and longer.